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Fast and productive of doing Energy Audits

NRGY.NINJA is an collaborative platform for automating building energy audits including analyzing, reporting and recommending actionable solutions.
Building owners, auditors, consultants, contractors and investors can exchange energy renovation related data and spend more time to effectively implement such projects.

Unlike technical tools aiming to complete an audit, NRGY.NINJA is a people centric collaborative tool to allow all stakeholders to take action and follow-up with the EE measures!
  • Building owners can automatically create reports & submit to authorities
  • Utilities can ensure min 1.5% EEO compliance & monitor their progress
  • Contractors can bid on projects and apply for insurance
  • Investors can finance projects leading the transition

Connect with your stakeholders to speed up information exchange and make better decisions faster.

Task Management

Easily assign, track, follow-up with the tasks to finalize your audit and allow your clients to be a part of the process.

Audit Tracking

Easily navigate through various of types of documents, photos, data, people and measurements to focus more on the real savings.

Advanced Reporting

Regulatory compliance and reporting standards may change from time to time and form project to project. Real ninja’s have their templates


Easy to use

Don't struggle anymore to track your energy costs. Everything is online

Powerful Templating
Use pre-approved templates to conduct an energy audit. Get faster, eliminate mistakes, and avoid the time spent on formatting issues.

More Insights & Less Data

Get most out of your data by combining it with external data sources such as weather service, energy market and supplier database.

Data insights

Pre-prepared charts templates allows you to see instant data insights. You can also use these charts while preparing the report.

Team management

Maximize your team efficiency by better collaboration, ISO50002 Standarts compliant workflow and best practices brought from many successful audits.

Easy to write

You can add all necessary data such as consumptions, inventory, measurements, images, calculations, graphics etc... Than you can use them for preparing the report.

Manage Content & Track process

NRYGY Ninja uses collobrative and dynamic content management.Also One of the best features of NRGY NINJA is tracking the process. You can track general and partial percentage of completion of content and see what information needed for each content.

Go out, catch the clouds!

You can manage your schedule for field works,on site measurements, meetings etc. All data from these events will be accessible through our cloud based platform. You can prepare your audit on site!

Don't miss the opportunities!

With the energy efficiency applications module, you can make financial calculations and see what is your best options. Even you can find financial instutions to fund your projects!

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05 Dec

Zurich Innovation Championship 2020


This years theme is “Protecting the Next Generation” and NRGY NINJA is all about beter, sustainable enviroment.

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24 Nov 19

Develepment Work in Progress

Milestone Update

This project, prepared with 35 years of software, energy and engineering experience, continues to be developed at Ege University Technopark.

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19 Sep

Unleash the Energy Efficiency Potential of Buildings

DELOITTE Energy Efficiency in Europe Report

EU aims high EE targets but 75% of the EU’s building stock is still energy inefficient

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